Power Backup & Safety

Power Backup & Safety


Safety Concerns

Backup power is imperative for safety purposes in education facilities. In case of power outage, student’s safety becomes highly compromised because systems such as fire suppression equipment no longer offer the required protection. Security systems and electronic door locks leave students exposed to external threats; telecommunications systems cannot be used to update parents about the situation, and coordination becomes a hefty task. Plus, in the case of colleges and universities, it becomes easier for external attackers to steal secret information when security systems are down.


The institute has full proof security arrangement. There has been emphasis on tight security system in the campus. All the entry and exit points are manned by well trained security guards. There is round the clock patrolling of the campus by guards. The borders of the campus are protected by high fencing barbed wires. CCTVs are positioned at all entrances and exits, primarily to complement the non-invasive security system. No one can enter without proper authorization and prior permission from the Principal.

BGIT has installed standard equipment for security measures and critical installations.

Fire-fighting equipment.

A generator that serves the entire campus when the municipal electric supply fails.

Students are not allowed to meet any unauthorized person. The identity of the visitors is properly verified before he/she meets his/her ward.

Staff and students are requested to wear their identity cards to ease identification by security staff.

BGIT also takes a strong stand against drug and alcohol abuse, along with a zero tolerance policy towards bullying. In addition to warden mentoring, a counsellor is available to assist troubled students.

Common injuries and illnesses are handled in-house by a full-time doctor. Local police are also at hand in case of any unforeseen irregularities and respond quickly to contact.


Fire Safety

All fire extinguishers visible and readily accessible

The corridor clears from all material that might not be an obstruction during emergency

The stairways clear of all materials

The exit doors clearly marked and readily accessible

The fire control equipments regularly tested

Fire control equipment appropriate for the type of fire must control

Entire college campus is under the surveillance of CCTV Camera and we have well experienced Securities at all the entrence/exit.

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