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As per Father of Library Science, Dr.S.R.Ranganadhan’s Five Laws of Library Science:

1. Books are for Use
2. Every Book his/her Reader
3. Every Reader its Book
4. Save the time of the user
5. Library is Growing Organism

To implement these Laws, KASIREDY NARAYAN REDDY COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND RESEARCH CENTRAL LIBRARY is providing various services and facilities to students and faculties through which many can avail good services in prompt time.


Primary aim of the library is to support the curriculum needs of students, teaching staffs & support staffs of the institution through the development of pertinent collections the provision of services designed to meet the user information and learning need such as Book Bank Service, Lending Service, Digital Library Service, Multimedia and Periodical service. Library follows the open access system, encouraging the user to browse resources freely in the knowledge centre.


The college Library is engaged in learning and discovery as essential participants in the educational community. We develop, organize, provide access to and preserve materials to meet the needs of present and future generations of students and scholars. We also provide well-equipped and functional physical spaces where students can pursue independent learning and discovery outside the classroom. The college Library support scholarship and research productivity and foster their vitality


The mission is to provide college students with the information they need to achieve their highest academic potential and help them acquire research skills necessary for lifelong learning. To support teaching faculty & administrative staff and to participate in interactive information to exchange within the wider library / educational community.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

1. To develop and enhance the capability of the library resources and services in meet the demands of the curricular, instructional, and research programs of the academic community by providing regular funding to yearly acquisition of library materials
2. To establish a computer infrastructure of all library operations and services by acquiring library computer software and hardware to make computerization functional;
3. To establish a strong library linkage with other institutions and agencies in the country and if possible, with organizations and agencies from foreign countries by seeking contact with these agencies;
4. To strengthen the library's bond to the library patrons by establishing "Friends of the Library" program which would assist in the development of the library collection;
5. To provide services that enhance the quest for knowledge and intellectual activity;
6. To create various bibliographies and library pathfinders for easy access and retrieval of information.
7. To create an atmosphere wherein students and faculty may carry on the learning process enjoyable


Library uses NEWGEN LIB Integrated Automation Software, which supports in-house operations of library such as acquisition, cataloguing, circulation, serials control and OPAC. Database is updated daily. Smart circulation system is used successfully via Barcode technology for all the resources and barrower cards.


Library working time:

Working days: 8:30 to 5:30
On Holidays: 8:30 to 2:00


The function of the Library Advisory Committee is to support the functioning of the library so that it can facilitate the library development plans by advocating the library development activities with the management.

The Committee’s main objective is to aid in the establishment of a bridge between the Library, academic fraternity and the institute management.

S No Designation Position in Committee
1 Principal Chairman
2 Librarian Member Secretary
3 HOD of all Departments Members


1. To consider the policy for procurement books and journals to the central library and departmental library.
2. To frame rules and regulations time-to-time including guest user policy and library timing.
3. To advise the librarian and other professionals for better library facilities and added services to the users.
4. To advice the librarian to prepare the library budget and technology updating.
5. To consider and put forward the views of faculty members regarding books and journal selections.
6. To review the suggestions put forward by the students and other users of the library and find out remedies.

S No Name Position Department
1 Dr.M.Narendra Kumar Chairman Principal
2 K. Siva Shankar Member HOD CIVIL
3 K. Bheema Member HOD EEE
4 Dr. N. Ashok Kumar Member HOD ECE
5 D. Madhava Reddy Member HOD MECHANICAL
6 Dr. P. Sathish Reddy Member HOD CSE
7 S. Jayadeva Reddy Member HOD MBA
8 M. Suguna Member Secretary Librarian


S No Particulars Stacks
1 No. of Volumes 32487
2 No. of Titles 5449
3 Online Databases : E-Journals DELNET | J-GATE
4 Print Journals 66
5 Magazines 10
6 News Papers 6
7 Project Reports 500
8 Digital Library (Computers) 30
9 Seating Capacity 180
10 Area of the Library 714.336sq.mts


Books will be issued to the students for a period of 15 days. Books so lent shall be returned on due date. The same book can be reissued for another 15 days if it is not in demand. REFERENCE BOOKS
Reference books will be issued to the students for 2 days. Books so lent shall be returned on due date. The same book can be reissued for another 2 days if it is not in demand.
SC/ST Book Bank: Three books will be issued to the students
from Schedule Caste & Tribes for a period of one semester

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue):

OPAC (library catalogue) allows the users to search the library holding such as books and other materials. It will help principally to locate books and other material available in the library. The library catalogue is searched by author, title, and keyword.


Library Information Center provides the computer systems to access the subscribed E-Databases, E-Journals, E-Books, other e- resources and internet browsing for students and staff community

Journals: Library provides the E – journals & Print journals related to various disciplines to staff and students for teaching and research oriented programs.
Magazines/Newspapers: Library provides the subjective & general magazines and daily news papers

The library provides previous year’s exam question paper in electronic format available in our institute website for reference purpose


• Strict silence, decorum and discipline must be maintained in the library. Use of cell-phones is also not allowed
• Smoking, eating, sleeping and talking loudly are strictly prohibited in the library
• Documents taken out of the shelves must be left on the table. Replacing the books on shelves is not encouraged as it may get misplaced. Misplaced book is like a lost book
• A non-member can use the library material on the premises with the permission of the Librarian.
• Readers should not mark, underline, dog-ear, write, tear pages or otherwise damage the library documents.
• Newspapers, magazines and journals must be read only in the library on specific tables and should not be taken to any other reading areas.
• No library material can be taken out of the library without permission. Unauthorized removal of anything belonging to the library will be treated as theft and dealt accordingly.
• Anyone who violates the rules and regulations of the library would be liable to lose the privilege of library membership and may be debarred from using the library facilities.
• Suggestions on all aspects, of library services are welcome.


Physical verification of the library stocks has to be carried out to identify the losses, identifying misplaced and/or mutilated documents that needs repair, or to weed out from the library collection with best interest of effectiveness of the library.

Purpose and advantages of Stock verification.
• To evaluate total number of books present in the library
• To identify loss of books and possible rate of loss
• To Restore misplaced items in the stock
• To Determine mutilated and worm-out items in the stock
• To Evaluate the adequacy of current arrangements for stock protection
• To Extend new opportunities for cleaning and sprucing up stack area
• To maintain the library catalogue up to date
• To revise the preventive measures
• To identify and avoid mistakes in the stock records
• To identify the used, less used and unused books
• To deliver the opportunities to weed-out documents
The sample can be of random generation of numbers. The verification has to be carried out by a team of members appointed by the Principal / LC (Library Advisory Committee) and the library staff will assist the verification team.



Every Department has its own library having suffucient number of books related to the department .Students are adviced to contact I/C Department to use the department library.

Photocopying facility is available in the library. This service was provide to users on payment basis for reference materials like Books, Periodical, Questions papers and Bound volumes etc…


S No Name Designation
1 M. SUGUNA Librarian
2 M. VIJAYA KUMARI Asst. Librarian
3 V. VASUMATHI Asst. Librarian
4 KALAMMA Lib. Attender
5 AMRUTHA Lib. Attender

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